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  1. Which is your favourite silver bullion coin?
  2. Do you stock up food, medication and other necessities?
  3. Welfare Community
  4. How do you like your Gilded Dragon?
  5. Which has better Numis potential?
  6. What's the size of your silver stack now?
  7. What is the relative value of your physical Gold & Silver (99.9%) now?
  8. Male : Female Ratio in GCA
  9. Preferred size?
  10. Which is your favorite Canadian Wildlife Coin
  11. Did you buy on 13/04/2013 - 14/04/2013?
  12. Will the market go up or down on 15 Apr?
  13. How much did you buy?
  14. At What age did you started stacking gold/silver?
  15. When did you started to get your first gold/silver?
  16. How old are you?
  17. Your stacking strategy.. When will you stop?
  18. Free Fall All The Way
  19. What level of Confidence do you have in the US Dollar?
  20. Gold Mountain or Molehill?
  21. how many full silver kookaburra sets (1990-2013) do you own???
  22. Silver mountain or Silverhill
  23. DBM aunty wants to know the profile of Gold/Silver bugs
  24. $1400 or $22, which one comes first?
  25. what is the best small lot size for silver coins combo pack ???
  26. Will the US Govt default?
  27. Where do you do your Unit Trust Investments?
  28. 2013 Panda
  29. Gold Is Dirt Cheap
  30. Year End Review! How did you perform this year?
  31. What is your physical Gold: Silver Ratio (GSR) ?
  32. Anyone give up?
  33. Bitcoin
  34. What will you do if you are living in Crimea now?
  35. GCA "Market" Sentiments
  36. Should coin fair organiser collect our ID data?
  37. New Board for Giveaways?
  38. Do you have the FEAR factor?
  39. How much is enough?
  40. Gold Rush. More to come?