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  1. Welcome friends!
  2. Printing press doing OT tonight!
  3. Suddenly gold and silver is a safe haven, according to Bloomberg.
  4. Hi AuricTaurus, thanks for moving over!
  5. The continuation of "how do i invest in gold"
  6. Time to load up on SILVER next week.
  7. Answer to Jade_Falconer
  8. Watch out for Central Bank Gold Shorting Tonight
  9. Put the gold market into the perspective of the modern financial wizardry
  10. Photos of Gold Bullion Coins
  11. Kinross Gold Corp - Bullish Case for Gold
  12. Fun stuff to do with US pennies
  13. See for yourself the manipulation in Silver price
  14. A warm regards from investasee investor forums
  15. GATA is going to move the Gold market this fall, again!
  16. Physical demand for gold is strong despite record prices
  17. Remember The US Dollar Price Commands The Gold Price
  18. Gold and Silver - Spot Charts
  19. Physical, CEF or Mining?
  20. Bloomberg: Gold, Silver Fall; Investors Sell Metals to Cover Equity Losses
  21. Did you go buy gold/silver today? 17.Aug.07
  22. This earthquake might have an effect on silver price
  23. Look at GOLD through a Japanese investors view
  24. Gold Shares are at its cheapest in 3 years
  25. First post: Gold? How?
  26. Anyone familiar with how gold retailer works?
  27. United Gold and General Fund
  28. Why Central Bank Selling of Gold has no influence on the price of gold
  29. Robert Kiyosaki is telling the silver story to the public! I am going to faint!
  30. GLD is almost a top ten gold holder worldwide!
  31. Is Gold Certificates better or Real Gold better?
  32. Silver coin
  33. Gold gold gold!
  34. China and the silver recycling industry
  35. any concern?
  36. Golden Teether
  37. Hi All and How to buy Silver Liberty Coin
  38. Buying Silver
  39. Price for Gold Coin for one Oz ( $1133.13 ) is a good price
  40. Besides physical gold
  41. Why UOB Gold bullions more expensive?
  42. my first gold bullion
  43. Gold & Silver flakes on ebay
  44. Old Chinese Silver coins
  45. Peak Oil? Peak Gold!
  46. If you read just ONE Ted Butler article, please read this one:
  47. My Golden Cock
  48. United Numismatic Centre
  49. Gold futures rally past $700 an ounce
  50. One day labour for Silver
  51. 916 Gold Coin
  52. Attacking Gold - Financial Sense
  53. China regulator approves Shanghai Futures Exchange to trade gold futures
  54. Are we nuts?
  55. When the time comes, are u able to...?
  56. Paladium & Platinum
  57. Is it already to late to buy gold at $713?
  58. Caring / Storing Silver
  59. Pacific Silvercloth
  60. Perth Mint kilo Bar
  61. Newbie Investment - BU Coins - 1/20 oz
  62. Buying from Kitco
  63. Silver Coin Collection
  64. What type of silver coins to keep?
  65. Dow/Gold Ratio
  66. Buying Silver Bar from Perth Mint
  67. Pan Am Silver coins
  68. Is there going to be an engineered gold sell-off to knock US$725 down?
  69. Legal tender coins vs non legal tender coins
  70. Bought Gold Bar yesterday
  71. Precious Metals price
  72. Lunar series 1 oz gold coin
  73. Useful information on Gold
  74. How do I SELL Gold and Silver coins/bullion
  75. PM Price Prediction
  76. Insurance for your Silver and Gold hoardings!
  77. CPF money to buy Gold
  78. GST on Legal Tenders
  79. Buying Physical Gold online
  80. UOB Gold Counter
  81. Gold Club Asia has a contact @ KITCO
  82. New Venue to Trade Precious Metal.
  83. The most accurate gold guru to date predicts $7400 gold!
  84. What are the reputable websites that you guys visit?
  85. Masonic Symbol on Silver Eagles
  86. CBG 2nd Agreement ends 3rd year, what lies ahead?
  87. Streettrack gold transacted at 73cents on SGX
  88. Pamp Suisse Gold
  89. Gold/Silver Coins (Europe)
  90. Gold Price Trends
  91. Discussion on Mass Order Options (MOO) with Kitco
  92. Gold Faces Off Against Liquidity-Driven Value Traps
  93. Palladium Investing
  94. Whose blog is this?
  95. Is it an offence to melt down legal tender coin?
  96. For anyone who does NOT like gold, this is a classic anti-gold piece:
  97. Buying coins in the future at today's price
  98. Glossary of Terms for Precious Metals
  99. Buying gold coins in Hong Kong
  100. My tentative targets (by end of 2008): 14% (inflation), $1,600 (gold) and $45 (silver
  101. Customer issues with Northwest Territorial Mint
  102. Gold $752.50
  103. Gold Kiwis/Silver Ferns
  104. How much is your coin worth?
  105. will you buy gold now?
  106. Pawnbrokers' Auction
  107. Sawadee Kap from Thailand!
  108. anyone has the sunday times : should you invest in gold?
  109. Required reading for all paper gold/silver investors
  110. buying gold from taiwan
  111. Double eagles - coronet
  112. Will you pay so much for a gold coin?
  113. Silver Breakout?
  114. Rare Coin Info / Tips on Bullion
  115. Anyone with buying experience from UK companies
  116. Gold and Silver Runs Experiences to share?
  117. The Edge Magazine - Gold to correct by 7%?
  118. Difference btw Perth Mint Cert and GLD share, Math question
  119. China Power: Poh Heng vs UOB
  120. Silver ETF bar list
  121. Effects of a devaluing USD
  122. 10 mins walk seafood out of stock
  123. $800 the landmark!
  124. Silver ETF?
  125. GLD ETF versus UOB Gold Savings.
  126. Gold Silver next Major correction - May 2008
  127. Some one asked me these questions........
  128. Technical signs bullish for silver prices - Financial Post, Nov 6 2007
  129. $1000/oz gold already happened!
  130. S$ Gold Price in 1980
  131. Buy or don't Buy
  132. Gold & Silver Tonite
  133. Gold Nuggets
  134. selling gold to pawnshop
  135. Fed Injects $47 Billion Into System
  136. Where to buy Silver Eagles & Maples?
  137. Liberty dollar?
  138. Buy cheaper gold in Vietnam
  139. Robert Kiyosaki "Rich Dad" on Gold and Silver investment
  140. Kinebars vs bullion coins
  141. who's shorting
  142. Which is a better exposure to silver
  143. Platinum Coin
  144. Gold coins in Thailand
  145. A trip to the North
  146. world collection bu coins
  147. You know you're crazy about gold and silver when....
  148. Nov 30: ECB says it sold 42 tons of gold
  149. Buying gold in Malaysia,...
  150. Gold is Money and Nothing Else
  151. buy gold coin in e-bay
  152. Silver and solar panels
  153. Question: Gold vs Euro$ Ratio
  154. Fake coin detectors
  155. Field Report: Buying PMs in Amsterdam
  156. going seafood shopping tomolo
  157. Chinese & Gold
  158. Predict the gold price in eight months! Price to be won!
  159. newbie here. nice to meet all of you. i've got an enquiry
  160. Gold Futures in China starting 9 Jan 2008
  161. ETF: GDX or street tracks
  162. Gold Spot Price Sets New High
  163. Bought 100g and 20g PAMP GOLD Today!
  164. What is the best way to invest in silver?
  165. The case for gold, according to youtube....
  166. Where can I buy silver coins
  167. gold bars, gold bullions or gold jewellery?
  168. I only have $300 to invest
  169. ML says: gold wont go up this year! I say: MER wont go up this year!
  170. Is it the right time to buy gold now?
  171. Dr Doom: When surrounded by rubbish and danger, buy gold
  172. Where to get 1 KG silver bars?
  173. Central Banks,come and short the price of gold/silver for me to buy
  174. newbie question
  175. Coin shops
  176. SILVER RISES to HIGHEST Since 1980, Platinum Climbs to a Record
  177. Taking Profits in Gold / holding cash
  178. Spot Prices 2008
  179. How to sell Gold Kilobar ?
  180. selling platinum
  181. China tops global gold mining
  182. Why I'm Getting Nervous About Gold for the First Time
  183. BIMETALLISM: Gold & Silver
  184. How many of your friends truly believe/ invest in gold?
  185. Letter to David Morgan - Silver in surplus?
  186. Gold and Silver ETF's (GLD, SLV) Disparities With Gold Price Means Higher Risk
  187. Will Gold crash in a recession?
  188. Where to buy silver bullions in Singapore?
  189. Are gold coin from other countries better than the ones from SG ?
  190. 1 oz is equal to how many grams?
  191. Gold Px Correcting -- A Prelude to Fed Cut?
  192. Business Times-CPF members earn substantial gains made by those who invested in gold
  193. Little brown spots on fine gold. A common problem?
  194. The outlook of gold in years to come.
  195. Where to buy silver Canadian maples?!
  196. There Is No Credit Crisis, No Recession And That Is Why Gold Is Going To $1500
  197. Gold Rush 21 Video
  198. How long more till gold reaches 1K/oz?
  199. Cleaning silver
  200. Where do you buy junk silver in Singapore?
  201. How much was 2 oz silver coins in 2000?
  202. UOB silver account
  203. UOB gold savings account
  204. Silver price forecast
  205. Another gold sales coming!
  206. Any good books on precious metals and coin?
  207. Platinum is almost US$2000 now
  208. Prices of American Gold Eagles
  209. IMF wants to push gold down to US$500
  210. Why are silver bullion commanding such high premium
  211. Maple vs Kangaroo gold coin
  212. Do anyone has the chart of gold in Singapore dollars?
  213. Is S$45 a good price for 1 oz silver bullion coin
  214. It looks like no one is manipulating platinum
  215. A picture is worth thousand words
  216. Is proof set more expensive than UNC?
  217. Colourings on silver coins
  218. 'How do I invest in gold' thread
  219. Websites selling Gold/Silver
  220. Gold vs Silver
  221. Where to buy acrylic casing for coins?
  222. My recent interview by a journalist on gold investing
  223. Has anyone seen of fake canadian mapes or singlion?
  224. Aluminium
  225. StreetTrack GoldShare vs UOB Gold Saving Account
  226. Turning Lead into Gold
  227. Gold - How High Will It Go?
  228. When will you sell?
  229. How much will $ of gold drop today? Next week? When IMF sells
  230. IMF gold sales of 400 tons, your last chance to buy gold cheap this year!
  231. Thank you GCA Veterans for the website, I need insights for the Gold/Silver ratio.
  232. Silver spot
  233. The most popular lunar worldwide
  234. Hyper-inflation : early warning signs
  235. Summer correction
  236. is $51 per gram for credit suisse gold(999) pendant reasonable?
  237. Time to buy gold now?
  238. GCA member order from Kitco got discount?
  239. Platinum versus Palladium
  240. Storing silver
  241. Hey! Don't forget Mr Silver!
  242. New Product from Kitco in conjunction with Royal Canadian Mint
  243. Singapore Mint Zodiac coins
  244. What were your reactions when you are first introduced to gold investing?
  245. I think i finally understand GB5k call to accumulate below $1000.
  246. what is the free price for silver?
  247. bringing in monster bosx
  248. Do you think gold will break US$1000 today
  249. Gold is not free now!!!
  250. I am bored with my gold coins