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  1. My humble view on the last week
  2. China inflation is high, how about the rest of the world?
  3. The Internal Head of Audit of USA is saying again that their country is in trouble!
  4. VIDEO: Bloomberg interview with Marc Faber
  5. Wholesale Inflation Up Sharply in July
  6. Iran is now ALMOST an official terrorist state
  7. the language of the black-box-magicians
  8. Any opportunities in the mortgage industry within US market?
  9. How FED creates money $$$$$$"kaching"$$$$$$
  10. The magical 3% threadhold for DOW
  11. Bank Run on Countrywide Bank
  12. This is how I view the gold/silver futures trading
  13. How did STI perform in REAL MONEY?
  14. Warren Buffett and his secret GOLD stash
  15. Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, a good leading indicator for Dow Jones
  16. The next great China export will be INFLATION!
  17. Forbes say: FED will make you rich and richer!
  18. Future look of the USD bills
  19. Which one would you bet on? Buffett or Gold?
  20. Share your commodity-based stockholdings here
  21. Robert Kuttner: Congressional Testimony on Parallels to 1920s
  22. Ron Paul
  23. This is the future for US can be seen today on Yahoo News
  24. Great! They should spend more US$ on the war so we can all get rich from commodities!
  25. Rogers is finally becoming a goldbug now!
  26. GLD10US$ CPFIS-OA Approved (From 6 Nov)
  27. Goldman Sachs's O'Neill Recommends Selling Gold
  28. The coming collapse of the modern banking system
  29. Morgan Stanley issues full US recession alert
  30. The Other Derivative Problem
  31. Review of 2007 and forecast of 2008
  32. Anyone does gold futures?
  33. Chinese are bullish about gold...$1000 by June
  34. Anyone got massively burnt in the last few days?
  35. Coordinated bailouts by CBs
  36. M3 money supply growth vs STI stock index
  37. Is the worst over for the stock market?
  38. Early stage of the coming global hyperinflation 2009 - 2012
  39. Permabear Peter Schiff's Worst-Case Scenario
  40. Joe DiNapoli's Trading Rules
  41. Trading Tactics from Gerald M. Loeb - The Battle For Investment Survival
  42. Time to buy Vietnam?
  43. PowerShares DB Multi-Sector Commodity Trust Agriculture Fund (DBA)
  44. Inflation hits car price!
  45. Banks going bust and Unit trust holdings
  46. Borrowing money to buy gold
  47. Anyone here often short the stock market?
  48. Large US bank collapse ahead, says ex-IMF economist
  49. Never Have So Many Short Sellers Made So Much Money (Update2)
  50. Lehman preparing to file for bankruptcy?
  51. What your take on the stock market now?
  52. interest rate
  53. Is there any good buy in the stock market?
  54. Buy stocks now!!
  55. How low will stock markets go?
  56. Marc Faber says US bailout won't stop recession, buy gold
  57. Chartered Semiconductor across-the-board salary cut by 5-10%
  58. From Joseph Yam's Blog
  59. YouTube - Cramer - How hedge funds manipulate markets! =D
  60. 17 Governments Draw Up New (Black)List of Tax Havens (by Agence France-Presse/PDI)
  61. Name your best stock pick for HYPERINFLATION
  62. Watch out for stock market fairy magical rallies! Sell your paper asset on rallies!
  63. Iceland Stock Index (OMX Iceland)
  64. Yen carry trade
  65. Market analysis and commentaries
  66. Road Map 2009 - 2012
  67. Cocktail party in a caldera
  68. Markets feel very bullish
  69. Fed Defies Transparency Aim in Refusal to Disclose
  70. Unit Trust: DWS Noor Precious Metals SGD
  71. [b]The Art of Contrarian Investing: Going Against the Crowd for Profit [/b]
  72. How low can the DOW go?
  73. Roubini: Those Are Yellow Weeds, Not Green Shoots
  74. TAE; 40 ways to lose your future
  75. Deflation: right here, right now
  76. [Repost] Deflation: right here, right now
  77. Emergency Bank Holidays and Capital Controls
  78. Is unemployment rate a leading or lagging indicator of economy?
  79. Food supply issues
  80. GOLD and the facts of a financialsystem at the end of stage
  81. Stock Market Thread
  82. [Video] Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis
  83. European Crisis thread
  84. United States versus China
  85. Thread - Resource Stocks
  86. US$1 for a house in Detriot
  87. Which to choose?
  88. So focused on US, Euro economy...wonder what will happen to SG's???
  89. Unit Trust
  90. Outlook for 2011
  91. Singapore's Positive news?
  92. Another Credit Crunch?
  93. US Feds
  94. Goldman Sachs Signs Facebook Deal
  95. OTC US Gold Stocks
  96. How about investing in PM stocks ?
  97. Spicei2i
  98. Watershed Event for US
  99. Mbs?
  100. Inflation News
  101. [Audio] Violent, Sharp Corrections Ahead
  102. Investing In Africa
  103. Singapore Shares vs. Gold
  104. All Eyes on Europe … While China Quietly Weakens
  105. Italy and Spain must pray for a miracle
  106. Criticality is in the Eye of the Beholder
  107. Bernanke Secretly Gives away Sixteen Trillion Dollars
  108. Bayonets and Gold
  109. Emerging world buys $10 billion in gold as West wobbles
  110. *** S&P downgrades U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+
  111. A visualization of United States Debt
  112. The Kindness of Strangers and a Broken Promise
  113. Why 2011 Is Not '2008'
  114. James Turk and James Rickards
  115. Strategies for Stocks
  116. FXs
  117. IMF may need billions in extra funding
  118. Trader makes a bold statement ?
  119. Singapore dollars and gold are the only safe havens
  120. States to Financially Break Away from Federal Government – Utah Monetary Declaration
  121. United States versus China Round Two
  122. Global Trade and the Yuan
  123. PRECIOUS METALS: Gold A Tad Higher In Asia, Safe-Haven Demand Supports
  124. IMF chief warns world economy risks 'downward spiral'
  125. How can we buy/sell US or Europe bonds in Singapore?
  126. New Gold Fund
  127. Prepare for riots in euro collapse, Foreign Office warns
  128. currencies strength
  129. Any recommended & "Friendly" Broker in Singapore
  130. The Rule of Halves
  131. read the readers comments of fomc decision yesterday
  132. the fed is lying to us!! hehe and directions
  133. time to overhaul fed
  134. Ron Paul Lecturer series
  135. The Gilded Age of Bankers
  136. would u trust Soros ???
  137. Baltic Dry Index
  138. The Great Sharing
  139. Critical Raw Materials Revisited
  140. The Crash of 1929
  141. Euro rescue fund boost would calm markets, says fund chief
  142. Shorting oil stocks
  143. Your thoughts on Buffett Rule
  144. Yuan Trading Band to be Widen
  145. Gold company giving dividend in physical
  146. Bullionbullscanada
  147. Money, Power and Wall Street - Frontline
  148. Qe3
  149. The End Game - 2012 and 2013
  150. Market rumor: Pimco and JP Morgan halt vacations to prepare for economic crash
  151. Real Singapore Consumer Price Index
  152. Bank downgrades (Again)
  153. Anybody can help us understand the LIBOR rigging Scandal?
  154. Japan may defaultin 5 years time
  155. How will the collapse of The Euro Zone affects Gold/Silver?
  156. ECB "breaks new ground in crisis fight"
  157. Singapore top 9 indebted country - where is my cpf?
  158. The Global Infrastructure Investment Deficit
  159. ***the cpf thread***
  160. Nouriel Roubini: 'Perfect Storm' Coming for Global Economy in 2013
  161. new qe from europe and usa
  162. David Einhorn Gave Four Investment Picks At The Value Investing Congress
  163. How to prepare for debt crisis ..Martin Armstrong
  164. Singapore's currency supply has tripled since 2008
  165. Copper Shenanigans from Beijing
  166. ‘Gangnam Style’ Tells Economic Truth of Our Day
  167. Swiss Study Shows 147 Technocratic “Super Entities” Rule the World
  168. A Distinction Between Money and Credit
  169. Australian Banksia Financial Group Collapses
  170. Romney or Obama-who will be better for PM?
  171. Actually, this is a good idea...
  172. Global Copper Production Under Stress
  173. Peak Oil is a myth! What this can mean to PMs
  174. PM Lee's interview with Bloomberg - Nov 2012
  175. Olam -> Temasek
  176. Fed money magic again
  177. Article: Two Important Charts For Gold & Silver Investors
  178. Precious Metals Decouple from Stock Market
  179. Glory Days, Made Again In America
  180. The bourgeoisie and the proletariat in Singapore
  181. Fiscal Cliff averted for 2 months
  182. The true significance of the $1 trillion coin
  183. ZEAL LLC Speculation and Investment Articles
  184. Singapore the 'Sick Man' of Southeast Asia: Credit Suisse
  185. Sell in May and go away
  186. Frontier Markets Funds?
  187. Free market works! (in theory)
  188. Ron Paul interview @ ZeroHedge
  189. PM mining stocks
  190. Us ?
  191. Newbies questions, which platform to trade shares?
  192. MAS reprimands 20 banks after review of rate-setting processes
  193. Roles of Government
  194. Bullish Gold-Stock Volume
  195. Zeal Speculator 6.25.2013
  196. Hello Kitty Collectible, analogy to numis
  197. Junior Gold Cleansing
  198. Zeal Intelligence July 2013
  199. Zeal Speculator 7.2.2013
  200. Merk Insights..
  201. Long Rates Threaten Gold?
  202. Zeal Speculator 7.9.2013
  203. Gold's QE3 Anomaly
  204. Real state of economy for US, Japan, China and EU
  205. investing cycles
  206. Zeal Speculator 7.16.2013
  207. Regional Equity Indices.. nice or ugly ?
  208. Gold Short Squeeze
  209. Zeal Speculator 7.23.2013
  210. Be a pawn shop owner
  211. Gold-Stock Rebirth
  212. Thailand bans Bitcoins
  213. Zeal Speculator 7.30.2013
  214. detriot bankruptcy....
  215. Zeal Intelligence August 2013
  216. Junior-Gold Confidence Crisis
  217. STI ETF dividend payout
  218. Robert Kiyosaki says world economy to collapse in 2016
  219. Zeal Speculator 8.6.2013
  220. Silver Short Squeeze
  221. Zeal Speculator 8.13.2013
  222. GLD Exodus Reversal
  223. Zeal Speculator 8.20.2013
  224. Stock Bear Looms
  225. Brazil's depreciating currency
  226. Greece may need new bailout
  227. US will hit debt ceiling in mid-October
  228. STI 9 days drop
  229. Zeal Speculator 8.27.2013
  230. Gold Production Decline Imminent
  231. Zeal Intelligence September 2013
  232. Zeal Speculator 9.3.2013
  233. Singapore’s central bank lost 87% of GDP growth fighting Bernanke
  234. India Gold Soars
  235. Poland's plan on private pension fund
  236. Zeal Speculator 9.10.2013
  237. Bullish on Tesla
  238. Fed QE3-Tapering Impact
  239. Zeal Speculator 9.17.2013
  240. Fed Unleashes Gold
  241. Italy bank trouble
  242. Zeal Speculator 9.24.2013
  243. Junior Gold Exploration 3
  244. US govt shutdown likely...
  245. Zeal Intelligence October 2013
  246. news links
  247. Zeal Speculator 10.2.2013
  248. Metals Direction
  249. Gold-Stock Ostrich Investors
  250. Zeal Speculator 10.8.2013