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Originally Posted by crazyguru View Post
Just curious, the reason for them to want to buy gold bar(kg) is to get better gold per dollar? Reason for asking is because I have never thought of buying kg bar because of resale and transportation concern even though it has better gold per dollar value.

Like to hear if there are different take on buying kg bar.

Sorry, dun understand your concern for the resale and transportation concern.
I dun see any difference in transporting 1kg of gold bar against 35 pcs of 1 oz gold coins.
If u get your gold bar from UOB, u will be able to resell it back to them. So i presume that address your resale concern.
I think the main reason most are not buying kilo gold bar is the cost. No many (i think) is able or willing to fork out $30+k for gold.
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