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Originally Posted by keano View Post
Sorry, dun understand your concern for the resale and transportation concern.
I dun see any difference in transporting 1kg of gold bar against 35 pcs of 1 oz gold coins.
If u get your gold bar from UOB, u will be able to resell it back to them. So i presume that address your resale concern.
I think the main reason most are not buying kilo gold bar is the cost. No many (i think) is able or willing to fork out $30+k for gold.
If we go back to sort of a gold standard than you are not expecting much people to want to sell their gold. Buyers will be more than sellers. So, say if you have an equivalent of 1KG worth of gold, when you want to sell some of your holdings for other investment, you can't sell half a KG bar but you can sell say....17pcs of 1oz gold.

And if we are somehow back to the gold standard, then you definitely do not want to sell all your gold. Sell only if you need to....
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