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daniel.yrh 13-12-2013 09:46 AM

Year End Review! How did you perform this year?
Year 2013 is coming to an end. Anyone wanna share their story on how you had performed this year? The joy and laughter when we bought at bottoms, and the tears and pain when spot drops even lower.

Do share your stories here, I'll put up mine soon after I knock off from work. Merry Xmas to everyone in GCA! :)

p/s: poll above is anonymous, voters will not be displayed.

messagermanxxoo 13-12-2013 12:36 PM

I think I am still ok but have to see how are going next year ( There will be pain )

Silverdust 13-12-2013 01:17 PM

Me? crying quietly in my room....

havefun 13-12-2013 07:54 PM

Down 7%.....:(

cyp1973 13-12-2013 10:11 PM

Two cent worth of opinion

Originally Posted by havefun (Post 92190)
Down 7%.....:(



In life, other than precious metals and money, there are other things that are around us like our kins, relatives, friends our jobs and health.

So long as we are alive, we can recoup our monetary losses later.


daniel.yrh 14-12-2013 09:57 AM

I started stacking April this year, a week before the major spot plunge that made a big news on shortage and increase of premiums on physical metals. I still remember my 1st tube of silver maples cost me $1,100...

When spot drops I thought "hey, silver is on discount now!". So I bought another tube, and another... happy to see my average cost getting lower and lower (and so was my paper losses). I bought an empty monster box thinking of setting myself a goal: to fill up the whole monster box by end of 2013. Buy more and sell off next time when spot goes higher!

Unfortunately that never happen. Half way through I kindda knock myself out thinking that what should I do with my monster box when it is full? Pour them all on my bed and swim in it like Donald Duck? Spot was still dropping, and my purchase strategy changed from buying at every $50/tube drop to $100/tube... the more I read about the Feds and QE the more I was puzzled. Some advised not to catch the falling knife, some says buy more silver now they are on offer, some says just sell all and cut your losses.

I paused on buying silver for a few months. These few tubes of silver maples made a "huge" hoo-haa on my balance sheet: they are in red, and I don't usually see red fonts on my Quicken (personal finance software) other than my credit card bills. I never really been serious in "investment", most of the time just put my funds in FD (I'm still new in investment stuff).

Then my fiancee advised me to to go for gold, and upon some research I realise the premiums are much lower than silver which theoretically will cut down some of my losses (in my books my metals' performance is based on XAG/SGD spot price, with assumption that I lose all my premiums when I sell my metals). My maples have around 15% premium, 1 ounce gold coins has 5%. If I convert my silvers to gold I could reduce my losses by 10%, right?

And I did. In a week's time I traded all my silver maples for gold bullions. My Quicken shows slight reduction in my unrealised losses and that put a smile on my face. After forgoing silver my focus turned to gold. Spot still falling like a rock and I started exploring semi-numis, numis, graded stuff... Had tons of fun collecting my Britannia coins, gave some of my Zombucks to my friends in exchange for free beer! made many new friends on eBay and online numismatic forums! All the sudden spot price doesn't bother me much anymore.

Throughout the year I paid more attention to spot prices and news on metals. I have apps monitoring news around the world (FX Calendar is a good one for iOS). Pretty much got the hang of how news affects metals. Most of the time metals fluctuates wildly upon release of major news (NFR etc). Bought some 1g gold VaultGrams from BullionStar upon spot dive before announcement, and sold them off when spot rise. Decided not to continue buying Vaultgram as I want to be able to make money when spot drops... buy low sell high on Vaultgram makes no difference than buying physicals.

I took my chances and opened my first online trading account, deposited some funds and made my first $1 "realised profit" from the $10 I deposited. Then put in more funds... experienced my first "realised loss", then made my first $10 profit, then my first $100... (to date I only deposited $400 in my trading account and I am pretty happy making $100 out of $400). Although my physicals are still underwater my experience I gained throughout my "studies" in metals made me wiser and more careful in investing in paper. I only focus on XAG/USD and XAU/XAG pairs, still not confident to put in enough funds to trade XAU/USD... and I am happy to say that by end 2013 I manage to recoup some of my paper losses from my physicals. Still in a loss, but I know I am slowly recovering even when spot drops further.

For my physicals, well let's just say I will open a safe deposit box and put them elsewhere for some time. Won't be touching them that often but I will still buy at least 1oz of gold every quarter regardless of spot. However I am still buying numis coins here and there when nice ones pop out.

Looking back on all the posts I'd opened in GCA and all my replies/comments... I finally understand what pika/MasterID mentioned some time back: buying physical is not an investment, if you want to invest then go for paper. I believe 2-3 years later metals will be at all-time high again, but for now I'll focus more on paper trades and use my profits to buy physicals. My apologies if my reply sounds like a child who earned his first dollar from part time job... I am very new in metals and I have to admit that I learnt a lot through out year 2013.

A BIG thanks to everyone in GCA, be it the seniors/old bird/young bird/newbies! Thanks for your pointers and contribution in this forum. I had a wonderful year "playing" with metals and it has been a good year for me: loss in $$ but gained vast knowledge and made a lot of new friends! Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all! :)

...(photo) My first tube of silver maples I bought in April this year... I still remember the smile on my face when I collect my first tube of maples from SilverBullion. The excitement of counting all 25 pieces and touching them with my bare hands is still vivid in my mind. Bye my maples, I miss you already. :)

p/s: sorry for the long post.

admin 14-12-2013 12:06 PM

I have the special gift of buying at the highs. :cool:

daniel.yrh 14-12-2013 12:09 PM


Originally Posted by admin (Post 92207)
I have the special gift of buying at the highs. :cool:

:p I think I have too, I once told Ernest whenever I buy something from his shop spot sure drop! If that's the case buy physical d must short metals at the same time haha!

RCT 14-12-2013 03:23 PM

Investment is like this.. Either you win or you lose... Just buy with your spare cash and never be greed. Take it as a hobby.. At least you still get to get the physical product... Get some kilo bars and stack at home.. Feel quite good actually.. And also sometimes can use it as gift.. Like got friends kids birthday, can send a few bars as gift..

MasterID 14-12-2013 05:18 PM

Metal-wise, super lousy year.
The brain is skewed towards logic and unable to trade profitably.
For physical metal, many are numis and didn't bother to track their market price. But if benchmark to spot, it's a lousy investment, I lost big time the moment I pay for it.

Stick back to equities and forex. Commodities is not the place for me to find money now.

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