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siginah 09-08-2010 01:31 PM

Peak Oil - Adaptation
Given recent developments, I believe that peak oil is getting nearer and nearer. While there has been much discussions and sharings here about peak oil, a major area that appears to be missing is regarding adjustments that we need to make in our own lives to prepare for what may come.

Apart from moving out of Singapore, getting your own 5 acres and attempt to be self-sufficient, what are the things we can do while we are living here to get prepared?

solidsilver 09-08-2010 10:08 PM

yes, peak oil is coming amid usd and euro fast depreciation issues, more and more severe ... food prices and other things comes in inflation...
meanwhile, govs are abit too greedy for taxes also, worsening the problem... and most of the govs really not helping the folks much especially mid and lower income, allowing prices including oil, always concessions to big FAT oil companies(held ransom maybe) especially...

stupid rebate and discount given when they including Govs can dont give rebates and discounts, JUST DONT INCREASE PRICE AND REDUCE prices, we dont need discount through credit cards as they made many many times out of it, including banks through interest, govs in taxes and oil companies which can have fat bonuses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

maybe what we can do is go green maybe, dont drive unnecessary, car pool, save energy, save paper, create awareness, dont eat too much unnecessarily, educate, own acres of lands(too bad not enough money now), grow some food plants at home, etc etc, create energy saving bar..

invest in precious metal(NOT ETF in mid future onwards, not certificate, take delivery of contracts for silver and gold, etc etc...)

correct me if anywhere incorrect please...

solidsilver 09-08-2010 10:11 PM

all dont drive for 2 hours in a week like late night or switch off light for an hour or 2 hours during lunch might help abit... the list goes on and on

siginah 24-08-2010 06:33 AM

Major reports point to oil supply turmoil and price volatility
Major reports point to oil supply turmoil and price volatility
by Matthew Wild

Major energy reports published this year are pointing to a significant rise in the price of oil due to supply constraints sometime over the next three years – the only disagreement is how soon.

So far 2010 has seen three international reports considering the future of oil production, demand and prices. These were published by high profile groups that command widespread respect – in turn, a collection of UK industrialists, the US military and a joint effort between Europe’s most recognized insurance company and a politically connected think-tank.

GoldBull5000 19-10-2010 01:36 AM

My own solution includes:
1. getting Permanent Residence status in countries of my choice.
2. looking for land plots that can act as safe house when the S**T hits the fan.
3. changing lifestyle towards local economy based consumption

further on the to-do-list:

learning of handling of small firearms

improving physical fitness

integrating into existing local communities

MRMICK73 22-12-2015 08:53 PM

Expanding Earth = Infinte Resources
I used to subscribe to the Peak Oil Movement. I used to follow Michael Rupert. Michael Rupert was an American that unfortunately committed suicide. Michael produced a great documentary on Oil Production and Peak Oil documentary called " Collapse " made in 2009.

The Collapse is a fascinating film about Oil production and the crossing over in to Peak oil.

Having feared the ramifications of Peak oil for a few years , I now , do not believe it. I recently found new information that leads me to suspect that the abiotic oil process is correct.

I recommend the Collapse Movie for anyone that likes the Peak Oil Topic however, I would strongly suggest keeping an open mind and review material on " The Expanding Earth ".

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