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Red face Crypto mess-up

Originally Posted by Altima View Post
Try to avoid BTC ATMs unless you really need to buy/sell there. Their markup is way too high most of the time. I would rather get them from Coinhako or Coinbase. As with anything, do some shopping around to find the rate that is closest to "spot price".

You can check the price of BTC using

or you can go to to see the prices of Bitcoin plus all the other cryptocurrencies.

Good luck!
Sadly, I went to the one at 1silverag & did a top-up for bitcoin. First time trying even at this late stage. I created a bitcoin wallet on n had successful top of to my Blockchain wallet.
After learning all the fundamentals, I did a test trade buying some lite coin on Poloniex exchange. Alamak, not only my trade didn't go thru but my btc balance in my wallet suddenly Zero!!! I tried recover of funds many times over next 3 days, yet my Blockchain wallet still shows '0 btc', no trade effected n no transactions whatsoever!! search thru the Blockchain website but cannot email or feedback access to them to highlight my missing funds. Bloody hell, for nothing lost about usd250! 😝 an expensive lesson trying to buy stupid cryptos!! Curse and swear LA!!

Beginners ass luck, as usual. I wonder got any expert in gca can teach me how to recover funds but using the '12 phrase' recovery supposed to be correct n secure but for the life of me, I cannot retrieve my lost btc as kept showing me zero balance!!! Sad man
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