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Once upon a time a nice lady in Singapore bought some new animals to be added to her farm. Being a seasoned panda grower, she was confused why the cages did not fit the new animal.

After googling for a while, our nice lady found that different animals require different cages. Animals from Australia require two different type of cages. The first generation of animal can use the regular cages (type H) just like the panda. However the second generation of animals require a bigger cage (type I).

She then posted a WTB and discovered other farmers also had the same problem. After discussing with the other farmers, it was decided that they order some special cages from US. Local animal distributors only sells the animals but not the required accessories to house the animals.

Anyway....Silverdust's animals are all wild ones from Africa. Better don't put them in cages. Roam freely is better for wild animal well being.

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Btw, what is 'I' tubes? If I remembered correctly, H tubes can store most coins...
Looking for Singapore Mint 1oz gold Goat 2003.

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