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Originally Posted by daniel.yrh View Post
Didn't see the poll when I replied...

I bought some at $1,200. Next target $1,100 provided if it reaches that after 3 months.
If drop too fast my next target is $1,000.

Still buying but not going aggresive. I am still a strong believer in $800 since there is nothing to push gold price up.
PM is an asset class. Like any investment, do your due diligence. You hear from video from "guru" that the USD will become toilet paper in 6 months, next year etc...This kind of talks have been going on several years. This is not to say it won't happen, but it won't happen so fast. Who knows? Can we protect our assets for retirement? I doubt so. We hear of "prepping" in the USA, and we do have a bomb shelter, and few of us will ever be prepared fully if it ever hits. So, I buy like a collection and enjoy my life in the meantime
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