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Default Gold Rush. More to come?

Hello. Just revisited this site for precious metal pricing and seems forum is pretty quiet here. What happened? This place seems more lively and dynamic few years back.

Ok, back to my question. Going forward, will other European nations follow UK in leaving? Especially those at the tail end of the distribution bell curve? I.e economies with strong growth do not wish to pick up European liabilities and those not doing well economies wish to have more say, sovereignty for their own country?

Asia and emerging markets have their own sets of questions, namely social gap and economy restructuring, slower growth, low commodity prices and foreign political issues, South China Sea.

USA with rate hike in near term by tightening monetary policy. How does this affect the economy? More importantly, year end elections will affect market view on future prospect of the states.

With so much uncertainties, will gold and silver benefit from it as an hedge? Let me hear from you.
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