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I am no investment guru but I think not having any investment strategy is NOT the way to go.

In the stock market, I exit when the investment have given me returns I am contented with. I don't have a specific % returns before I exit and I don't care (ok.. maybe grumble a bit ) if the share price rise days after I Sell off the share.

With PM, its a bit tough to have a goal. There will always be new and nicer things to buy from Perth Mint, RAM, RCM etc (collector mode). Also, I desire to lower my ave cost and buy on dips (stacker mode). In my early days of stacking I limit myself to $x/ month but in certain months I end up using a substantial amount of the month's salary buying PM.

I stopped buying when spot was 32 going 33. I recall having chats with stackers back in Dec 2012 saying I will only buy again when when spot is down to 30. Its 22.36 as I type this. Despite going under 30 in 1Q 2013, I slowed down buying PM significantly because silver was taking up too much footprint.

Then came April 12, 14 and 15 => PMs got hammered to prices I never dreamt of seeing in my lifetime.

I was at UOB yesterday. There were very few people in the queue (maybe because 100 & 50 gms were gone?/ people are bearish?). There were buyers and there were sellers in the 10minutes I was there.

So, I will still buy at lower prices. I haven't thought a strategy yet. Maybe its time I should.
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