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I think many people missed this thread lah...

Personally I have 2 sets, and am now wanting to make a third and fourth set.

I know even if the price stays at current spot, kooks next year will all increase in price and by then, no more cheap kooks.... I mean even sis lim who is a strong supporter of panda also have 10 kooks sets, and she was trading kooks only a few months back, I was offered some kooks from her too.

In case nobody knows, the famous shoe shop owner have 1 complete set and will not even sell it for S$ 2,000 (I tried offering him). so for those who is waiting for it to drop, must be not from around here..

Or you can try offering thinkingcap, since she has given up hope on it..


PS Zen master have some, bernard too, ice age, uncle, pirate king and many many more... just didn't notice this poll that's all.
Stuff that I have :::
- lunar bullion, 2oz, 5oz, 10oz, kilo, color, gilded, proof * canadian wild life * legend of dragon * water series taku, aligator, swordfish * pamp gold bar snake and true happiness * 1oz bar and 5 oz bar and 10 oz bar.

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