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Default Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all

Thanks for sharing your story.
I starting the stacking around the same period as Daniel.
Bought couple of 50g pamp gold at close to 3k each from gold shop. Bought couple of kilo valcambi silver bar at 1.3k each. Really lost count the paper loss.
But thru out the rest of 2013, read a lot from GCA, also understand well that stacking with an objective and bought more. Will continue to buy when spare cash is available. With the experience and the love of stacking silver, made me spend less on unnecessary stuff.
Overall, I must said most the pioneers here in GCA did a wonderful job keeping this knowledgeable forum running well. Well done, sirs. Thank you all.

I, personally will continue stacking whether spot is low or high as long as I view it as saving & a long term investment. Those could be our retirement fund.....

Now, I wish all here a merry Christmas and a happy happy gold/silver new year.


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