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Default Banning of a member

Hi all,

We have made a decision to ban a regular user. The ban is slightly out of the norm as the activities the user carried out are actually not at this forum, but at a 'competitor' forum..


1. creation of multiple account
2. using of the duplicate account to try to stir shit and smear one of the regular dealers that he has conflict with previously
3. using of duplicate account to create a false market that his coin has been sold..

Even though the conduct is not carrier out here, we have identified the person and ascertain it is the same person.

The decision is henceforth to ban him for a definite period of time.

The online community of silver/gold collectors/stackers is small. We use the internet platform substantially and allowing a bad sheep to play punk with these hidden id can be bad for the community in the long run.

I shall not name the person here, if you happened to know then you know. Personally, even if he chose to stirr up sh*t, if he used his own nick/account to do it it wouldn't have attracted any bans.

So to everyone else. Please bear in mind there are things we tolerate and there are things we don't.

nosy moderator

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