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Default How to become a GCA member

Online registration is currently not available due to excessive spam registrations.

To become a GCA member, please send email to me via [ register @ goldclubasia dot com ] with the following compulsory details:

- your email address [Avoid using work email addresses unless you are representing an organisation. Email addresses are free these days, so there is no reason to not have one.]
- 3 possible userids, ranked 1st choice to 3rd choice (DO NOT use userids with 'spaces')
- your country of residence

After I receive your email, I will create the account and send back to you the password that I have randomly chosen. You need to change the password after logging in.

It may take a few days for me to reply depending on my schedule, so please be patient.

I also reserve the right to refuse registration if I suspect that something is wrong with the request, so if you don't hear from me after a week or so, email me again. I'm trying to weed out spammers, but sometimes I make mistakes.

NB: By requesting to join GCA, you agree to the terms and conditions governing the use of this site.

best regards,

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