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Default Free Delivery for Silver / Gold purchase above $300

For those who who buy silver or gold regularly, who thinks that hauling silver is heavy...

if there is free delivery service, would it be a good thing for you?
The silver or gold would be delivered in original packaging, authenticity can be tested on site.
Cash only paid upon delivery.

business is ACRA registered, founded by a construction firm with 30years of operating, so no funny business. (when I first started a few mths ago, many customers are worried about the authenticity, a very fair concern. Hence I purposely show my own face in my facebook to let people understand that I am aiming a proper business)

I was just wondering if it is a good idea? If it is not, then I better remove this service if no point.

I am aiming for a shop soon, currently based at woodlands workshop, which I feel is not ideal for a showroom, so now looking around for a good premises.
full time investor now. im happy as long as profits above $8400 per mth.
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