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If the customer lives in woodlands for example, free delivery doesnt mean much if the silver price + delievery + time cost is more than the cost of going down for example to BWSS silver price + delievery + time cost. In this case to add on, also to get infected by the clinic.
If the customer works at the central for example, free delivery doesn't mean much when just pop by and purchase PM from BullionStar or GSC, bringing the PM home.
For customer with PM in vault account doesn't require delievery services.
Of course, delievery is a small untapped market for PM when most of the retail buyers are mostly doing self service collection.
If you want an idea that is still not in the market would be free collection of silver when a retailer sells their PM to you. (Something like garang guni)
I can't say for others but I'll give a thumb up. Two thumbs up if the price is also competitive. LOL
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