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Originally Posted by MasterID View Post
Delivery is good, can deliver on weekends, PH and even at night. Maybe to Timbuktu also, or those high risk countries.
But then, some people may not like you to know where they are. But they can always request to be delivered to offices' reception.
Best is keep it forever, maybe change it to FREE postal delivery if by hand is too costly.
You made a good valid point. There are some who are reluctant to provide address. I will do my best to customise and meet them.
For the postal delivery, I personally had bad experience with SingPost. i think I suay.. so i wont use postal services.

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
1. Price and conditions of the coins/bar is most important
2. For shops, location is most important.
3. Some may pay slightly more at shops in convenient location, some may travel further to get good price.
4. Free delivery is definitely a plus point, as it deliver good price and save traveling time
5. Can you still maintain the low price after paying for the overhead cost of the shop at a good location? If not then your location have be good, but good location also cost more.
Yeah. unfortunately singapore rental is expensive. I am now pondering a place in woodland or a central location... and yes, a central location costs more... =)
Right now free delivery is because my woodlands collection is too far from most people, hence I use delivery to reach out to the people.

Originally Posted by lim View Post
Set up show room in the west .
Can do cross border business next time when the rails are up
Your silver panda 2015 in stock ?
I was thinking of woodlands and central area.. where the tourists are. haha
Silver panda 2015 currently out of stock. Oops. Ordered and waiting for arrivals.

Not bad hor... Jurong is a potential idea... heh heh best if in the rail terminal.
I guess rental would be high though
full time investor now. im happy as long as profits above $8400 per mth.
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