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Old 16-03-2012, 02:46 AM
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Default 最无上的真理

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Today, 06:32 PM
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Authors and pointers of universal truths and practices from complete Buddhism
The best materials below for verification and practice before completely believe or start to believe :

Like extract the good points( like extracting honey from beehives from their books and online books and materials

慈航法师-yogacara and also zen and philisophy of Buddhism,he got good online materials
萧平实居士- on yogacara, zen and truths
正果法师- yogacara and zen and basics and advanced practices and truths*
吕正观博士-yogacara and zen and progressive stages of practices etc
罗时宪先生-yogacara etc
无著菩萨-disciple of 彌勒菩薩
彌勒菩薩-initial lingeage of Yogacara
世亲菩萨-learned from 无著菩萨 and also became good teacher and creator of 唯识二十颂and唯识三十颂
龙树菩萨- creator of 中论and 入菩萨行
*And 唐三藏-百法明门and etc truths
And 窥基大师-五重唯识观
Great respected wise Venerable master lishou 力寿法师-Great wisdom singaporean monk(大智彗僧人) who teaches buddhism and meditation in buddhist youth federation(青年弘法团) in jurong east 裕廊东,every fri night Around 7pm to around 9pm. Can verify timing..

Go google and there are English versions, verify before believing gradually and completely…
May all be fully enlightened like Buddhas, well and happy and prosperous

Guan yin pu sha
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Old 16-03-2012, 08:44 AM
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Default Addition information for supreme knowledge and truths

***Under 在百度搜索or google :

《大乘百法明门论》,梵文 Mahāyāna-śatadharma-prakāśamukha-śāstra,世亲造,唐玄奘(也名唐三藏)于贞观二十二年(648)在长安北阙弘法院译出。


《瑜伽师地论》(梵文:Yogācāra-bhūmi-ā stra),系印度佛教论书。又称《瑜伽论 》、《十七地论》,为印度佛教瑜伽行唯识学派及中国法相宗的根本论书,亦是玄奘西行取经法之最大原因。瑜伽 师地,意即瑜伽师修行所要经历的境界(十七地),故亦称《十七地论》。相传为弥勒菩萨口述,无著记录。为印 度大乘佛教瑜伽行派和中国法相宗的根本论书。汉传佛教以此经为弥勒菩萨所造慈氏五经之一,藏传佛教传统上认 定此论的作者为无著。

《瑜伽师地论》简介. 一百卷。弥勒菩萨说,唐·玄奘译。收于《大正藏》第三十册。旧传佛涅槃后九百年,弥勒菩萨.. .....

please google or baidu search for more information

Can start from 正果法师-止观讲义download where he will explain what is meditation and zen meditation and 慈航法师explanations also. Thanks thanks!
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