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Old 20-03-2011, 02:48 PM
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Originally Posted by Phoenix View Post
I know one that encompass all......Potash.
Potash certainly does encompass all.
Very creative idea, Phoenix, and thank you very much for posting about it.
(Potash is a natural fertilizer used by farmers all over the world.)

So, let's think about potash for a moment.
Buying is easy.
Just click on, order 100 tonnes delivered to your local storage go-dung, and you've got it.

Now think forward a few years in the future, when it's time to sell.
You need extra cash for something or other.
The cash from selling 10 tonnes of potash should take care of it.
Who's going to buy?
And how are you going to find your buyer?
Commercial dealers want 100 tonnes at least, more likely 1,000 tonnes and up is the typical dealing quantity.
And commercial dealers are used to dealing with other vendors already in their supply chain.
Not easy for an outsider to just drive up with a truck load of potash, and expect to get cash on the counter in exchange.

And that seems to be the essential problem with so many items:
buying is easy, it's the selling that's difficult.
Gold and silver are, by far, the easiest for both buying and selling.
Nothing else comes close.

But let's not get discouraged just yet.
Maybe there is something which, in future will be precious and easy to sell, that we can invest in today.

Until I can find any better ideas, my plan is to buy cases of whiskey in small bottles.

-- Peter
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