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Default [Zeal LLC] US Mint Bullion-Coin Sales 3

Adam Hamilton
January 4, 2013

Gold and silver come in multiple forms, each with their own unique yet interrelated supply-and-demand profiles. Among the most popular in the US physical market are the bullion coins produced by the US Mint. Investor demand for these beautiful coins has been robust in recent months despite all the unrelated fund selling weighing on gold. US Mint bullion-coin sales offer great insights into physical demand.

The US Mint’s bullion coins are called American Eagles. The “bullion” distinction means their value is based solely on the spot prices of gold and silver, with no special premium for rarity. So they offer investors far more physical metal per dollar spent than expensive collectible coins. I’ve always believed maximizing one’s total gold and silver holdings is far more prudent than playing the scarcity game.
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