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Default Types of Doomsday Scenarios for Singapore and How to Prep

I realized a lot of people here are prepping but what exactly are you prepping for? Different scenarios requires different prepping and some scenarios are downright not probable as well. So I thought it will be good to list down all the different prepping scenarios...will add along the way and old bird pls help to contribute and I will add on the FAQ.

1. Worldwide Financial Collapse

Description : This will be trigger by a major financial crisis such as the collapse of the USD or even Japan and Europe currency. Implications will be huge with massive social and financial unrest as people realized that their fiat money and savings are useless. Some economists have mentioned that the economy will go through deflation before a massive hyperinflation. People will need to resort to bartering of physical goods and gold/silvers becomes the default currency in the interim. Example of past incidents include the Great Depression of 1930s and collapse of Soviet communism.

Probability : Medium to High - With US's ballooning deficit and quantitative easing, the confidence in USD as a reserve currency is waning and many countries such as China, Russia and Middle East are bypassing USD. The question is - how will this impact the SGD as a result of USD collapse? Will SGD strengthen or weaken? Many people have mentioned that SGD is actually a safe haven currency like the swiss franc but it is still an unknown in the case of USD collapse.

How to Prep : Firstly, be aware of what's happening in the economic world. Always keep your ear on what the Fed is doing, any major economic announcement affecting US,Europe, Japan or China. There will be some noise and a lot is mostly just economic slowdown or recession. Some warning signs include a major currency such as USD or Euro devaluate rapidly. When that happens, act swiftly as many people will wait and see what happens.

The first thing when you hear of a currency collapse or financial meltdown is to go to the bank and withdraw all the cash that you can get. Recent examples of Cyprus and collapse of some banks indicates possible bank runs and liquidity crunch. That's why some preppers advocate always keeping some cash at home because ATMs or banks will be closed in SHTF scenarios. Then convert the cash into hard asset such as gold, silver, liquor, food stuff or items that you will need or people will want to trade. In affected economies, there may be civil unrest although in Singapore, the likelihood is slightly lower although still possible given the recent riots in little India. It will literally be like a zombie scenario where people will wander aimlessly wondering what to do. There will be high crime rate as people find that their currency possibly become worthless or if they lose their jobs.

In these circumstances, the most important things will be a house to stay, food to sustain, job for income, good health to live. People with a lot of unpaid mortgage with be badly hit as banks raise interest rates and lower loan limits. That's why I always advocate having a HDB in Singapore - I don't think the government will take it away in such times. Secure your home - if you are living in landed or easily accessed property such as HDB, put in extra locks and grills. Food should still be available as long as you have money/silver/gold. Prices will be high but if you have silver or gold, you will be hedged. But like what many preppers do - stock up on key essentials like rice, canned food, instant noodles, honey, jam, dried produce, water and liquor. Get a portable BBQ pit and stove, store lots of gas canisters.

If possible, find a way to grow some vegetables and fruit so that you can have some fresh food. A lot of people will lose their jobs and hence their income stream - this is the issue that people are least prepared. Without the income stream or sizable savings, it will be very difficult to survive. A lot of preppers advocate having a skill which people need in bad times or some side business. Finally, health is the most important and always stock up on key medicine and supplements that will be useful in this scenarios and others. Include personal hygiene stuff like toothpaste, soap, toilet paper, shampoo which are also key.

A worldwide economic collapse will take a long time to recover and hence expect to have to last for a while. In the mid term, you may want to move to a place where there is agriculture produce, such as Australia. The issue in Singapore is that food will become a problem and even if you have money/gold/silver, you will have to pay a huge premium for it. It's much better to go to a place where you can trade for food.

2. Recession or economic crisis

Description : This would be a standard recession and business contraction due to small financial crisis, bursting of property or share market or external trade causes. Recessions are typically business cycles which happens every 10+ years. Example of Singapore recessions are in 1985, 1999 and 2008. In this scenario, companies will do job cuts, salary freeze and many small businesses will collapse. Consumers will start to spend less which inversely impact the economy as well.

Probability : Medium to High - Singapore being a relatively small economy is subjected to high external causes which often impacts our economy. With the current high property prices, some say it's a bubble waiting to burst when interest rates increase. Slowing down of China economy is also a consideration. Recessions are actually quite common and happens every 10-20 years in Singapore's history.

How to Prep: Gold and silver will not help much here and if the recession affects overall global demand, prices of gold and silver will drop. In recessions, cash is king. Job losses, salary cuts and freeze are common and hence, always have 6 - 12 months of cash or liquid assets to cover expenses and liabilities. A lot of folks with high mortgages get hit hard during recessions when interest rates increases and income stream gets reduced. Periods of recessions actually create good long term investment opportunities and good stocks and properties can be purchased on the cheap.

3. World War 3

Description : This would be a large scale war involving numerous large countries against each other across multiple geographies. This could be triggered by the middle east conflict, Ukraine crisis, US & China tension or Korea Peninsula. A worst case scenario is if it involve nuclear weapons which will have worldwide impact. Example are WW1 and WW2 and their devastating impact. Singapore may or may not be directly impacted by the war although I suspect many will flock to Singapore as a safe haven.

Probability : Low to Medium

How to Prep : Depending on the scale of the War and the proximity to Singapore, various degree of preparation is required. You are essentially prepping for a worse case scenario where Singapore will be impacted.Similar to the case of an economic collapse, gather all your assets from the banks and safe deposits in physical form and transfer to a safe location. Buy air tickets to safe locations that are far from war zones. I personally think Australia and NZ would be great as it is down under and far from most "hot zones". Commodities prices will shoot up including oil and hence, stockpile lots of food and find a source of drinking water or water filtration systems. Get lots of collapsible water containers to standby. Install solar panels, get a portable generator, radio, walkie talkies, LED torch lights and batteries. Don't count on the internet being operational and electricity easily available. Buy books and resources to read in case internet is down. Ensure everyone in the family has a backpack that is ready to go. The back pack should contain essentials for an immediate evacuation. Stuff like clothes & dried food, medication, cash, gold/silver, torch light and batteries, lighters, swiss army knife, identification papers, water container, ropes and a plastic sheet (like those used in Army for making tents). Get those water filter straws like Lifestraw - one for each person.

Start to prep to secure your home. Buy metal poles and meet sheet that you can use to reinforce doors and windows. Start to consider making a safe room to store all key essentials with mattress. Ideally, the safe room should not have any windows or facing the outside of the building. The safe room should have ventilation though and this can be done by drilling holes on the upper wall. Start to strengthen the health and fitness of every single family member. Learn some self defense as well as some make some weapons such as catapult, throwing knives and spears. Start to store up seeds that you can grow food - radish, lettuce, potatoes, carrots and sweet potatoes. Read up on hydroponics and stock up on hydroponic nutrients. Start to learn basic and advanced First Aid and stock up large supplies of medication such as bandages, antiseptic lotion and pain killers. If you can, get a portable generator and fuel on standby. Have an oven and keep ingredients and learn to make bread, which is useful for trade and is fast to make.

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thanks bro. waiting for your updates
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Default Part 2

4. Invasion of Singapore

Description : This would be a case where Singapore gets invaded by a foreign enemy as part of a regional or local conflict. But unlike the 1940s where Singapore was poorly prepared, after more than 50 years of nation building and defense build up, I reckon Singapore will not be easy to attack. Singapore being small means it is easy to defend as well as long as you have enough equipment and money. I do believe that MINDEF has done a lot to prep for this and it will not be easy for anyone to just attack Singapore. Example will be the Japanese Occupation in 1942

Probability : Low

How to Prep : In this very remote possibility, you have to make a quick decision to stay or to leave. Assuming that you stay, a lot of prepping will be required. Beside all those mentioned for economic collapse and world war which you should have prep by now, personal security will be a top concern. If you are living in a landed property, I suggest to move out as it is very hard to defend. You are better off in a low rise condo or HDB. Get a community going to secure a housing zone and work together to defend and sustain the community. Increase the security of your house and have only one entrance and exit reinforced by double doors. Get gas mask, shields (use a cast iron wok if dun have), helmets and hiking boot for everyone. Time to move all essentials to the safe room which can be used for huddling during bombings. Start to fill up all water containers with water and find a means to capture rain water in your house. Dedicate your balcony or one of the room with sunlight as a mini garden to grow some food. For unnecessary windows, cover it with planks or black trash plastic. Get a portable bike so that you can make quick trips outside of your home. The portable stove like the ones for steamboats will be essential and so, store up on gas canisters. It is likely that your toilet sewerage and water supply may not work and hence, you will need to do a make shift toilet which is not tough. Just detach the toilet seat and put it on a large pail. Recycle the waste for your home garden.

5. Virus Pandemic

Description : This will be a situation where a viral infection becomes a worldwide or local outbreak which causes death and illness. Airports and ports will be closed or have limited access. Examples are the Black Plague/Death, Cholera, H1N1, SARS.

Probability : Medium

How to Prep: <Taken from> Surviving a pandemic is a matter of isolating yourself from OTHER INFECTED PEOPLE until the die-off has run it’s course. This could be many months or even longer.

Since you won’t know who all is infected, you will need to stay away from everyone outside of your (hopefully healthy) group within your home sphere. Therefore in order to be fully prepared, you must have the ability to self quarantine without the need to go out where other (potentially infected) people are. This includes going to ‘work’, grocery shopping, etc..

You must have everything that you need already at home.

During the onset of a pandemic, most people will not fully realize the ramifications and will continue to go about their daily habitual routines – going to work, going to the grocery store, etc. exposing themselves to the potential mortal consequences of exposure.

Almost every transmissible disease has an incubation period during which the person is infected but not yet showing signs of disease. Quite often, a person can be contagious for one to several or more days before exhibiting symptoms.

During the circumstance when someone within your group becomes infected, that person will have to be quarantined to avoid infecting everyone else. If you take in any new members to the group, they should also be quarantined to assure that they are not infected (many viral infections will manifest themselves within a period of 3-5 days, and most within 10-14, Ebola virus potentially up to 21 or longer).

Ideally the quarantine area will be a separate building from your own living quarters, such as an outbuilding, garage, empty house, or barn. If you choose to offer a room within your home, choose one vented to the outside and without ducting connecting to the rest of the house. Make sure the room has a negative pressure by leaving a window cracked, so the air flows into the room from the remainder of the house and exits through the window.

Besides the usual food and survival items required, additional items include bleach, N95 mask, air purifier with HEPA filter (stock additional filters), antibacterial soap and hand wash and rubber gloves

6. Zombie Apocalypse
Description : This is cause by creative Hollywood directors and game developers where humans become mindless flesh eating corpse hunting for fresh meat. Too many example of Hollywood movies and games to quote.

Probability : None to Low

How to Prep : TBC

7. Natural Disaster

Description : This includes earthquakes, climate changes, asteriod attacks which may have a major impact on the climate which affects our living habitat.

Probability : Medium

How to Prep: TBC

8. Alien Attack

Description : Another creative effort of the Hollywood directors but may be a remote possibility that there are actually decepticons, Martians and other aliens out there wanting to attack us and make us as human batteries.

Probability : Low

How to Prep: TBC


Key essentials to buy to prepare for economic collapse or war (Taken from multiple sources)

• Canned goods (pasta, soups, stews, chili, vegetables, fruit, tuna, meats, etc.)
• Ready-to-eat foods (granola/energy/protein bars)
• Jars of Peanut butter, Jam, and Honey
• Multi-Vitamins
• Iodine solution, like Betadine and antiseptic lotion
• Dried milk powder
• Bags of rice, beans and flour
• Bags of sugar and Salt
• Bags of pasta, oats and grains
• Instant coffee, tea and milo packs
• Instant noodles
• Cooking oil and Olive oil
• Hard biscuits especially those in tins
• Food for children if you have
• Baking powder & baking soda & spice assortment pack
• Quality manual can opener
• Kitchen matches, disposable lighters, candles and fire starters (BBQ type)
• New garbage cans and lots of garbage bags (water storage & waste storage)
• Large buckets and garbage bags sized for them (toilet)
• Toilet seat for the bucket
• Toilet paper
• Sanitary napkins and diapers, if needed
• Flashlights (ideally LED) and Portable Radio, Walkie talkies
• Plenty of batteries
• Bottled water, large containers for water
• Baby wipes (for personal hygiene use)
• Bleach (5.25%, without fragrance or soap additives)
• Alcohol & liquor
• Hydrogen Peroxide
• Aspirin/Tylenol/Panadol
• Pepto Bismol
• Prescription drugs filled
• First aid kit with alcohol swaps, bandages, lotion
• Fire extinguisher
• Paper or plastic plates/cups/utensils
• Dust mask filter protectors
• Cheap plastic hooded rain ponchos
• Water filters and all other camping supplies, such as Coleman cook stove and fuel, ammo, etc., if any sporting goods stocks still available.
• Rolls of plastic sheeting, duct tape, staple guns, staples, etc.
• Hiking boots, jeans, rugged wear, lots of socks
• Spade, large hammer, ropes, metal poles, metals sheet, nails and screws
• Seeds to grow plants
• Portable generator, solar chargers for batteries
• Portable foldable bike
• Baseball bat, golf clubs (steel type)
• Portable stove with lots of gas canisters

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Default Any update???

I really enjoyed your first thread, had some very good information there. Is there a chance you can work on the second thread and fill it with detail as well?
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forgot EMP
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1 more: the new ERP system kena hacked.
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Nice to see some prepping info here, cheers!
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Have made some updates to the thread....
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Default Part 3 - Medication to stock up for SHTF

As medication is an important prepping requirement, saw this site that offers good advice..Credits to

When there is no doctor and when there is no medicine, what then? Survival
medicine is doing what you can with what you have, so make sure you have something when the rest of the world runs out! If you are passionate about your survival, consider asking your physician now for extra prescription medicines and antibiotics, or stocking up on unusual homeopathic and non-prescription medicines.

Here are the top prepper medicines to stock for survival:

#1: Activated Charcoal Tablets (toxin adsorption*).

Activated charcoal is the black magic potion the prepper's medicine bag. We're not talking Kingsford here (don't use chemically laden charcoal briquettes): the recommended medicine for your cabinet is a specially activated charcoal. While activated charcoal has many uses (from teeth whitening to reducing your cholesterol) its ideally suited for preppers as an emergency toxin removal. Activated charcoal, through adsorption, traps toxins in the body to help flush them out. Another of the major benefits of activated charcoal is that it helps alleviate gas and bloating.

#2: Ammonia Inhalant (smelling salts).
Ammonia Inhalant, pictured right, is a modern day version of "smelling salts." It's intended as a product to arouse patients who've fainted. An often overlooked prep, you will be happy to know you can revive someone to save their life with a swift measure of ammonia inhalant.

#3: Antibiotics - Fish Mox (amoxicillin - broad sprectrum antibiotic)
The role of antibiotics in modern day is immeasurable. FishMox is the primary brand of amoxicillin (antibiotic) stocked by preppers for extreme catastrophic situations where a doctor or when medicines intended for humans are not available. Amoxicillin treats bacterial infections, but also presents a severe allergic reaction in some people which is sudden, intense and possibly deadly. Consult your doctor about FishMox* to see if this option is right for you and your family in a survival situation when prescription antibiotics will be hard to come by after a societal collapse. Remember, this antibiotic is intended for fish, not humans, but may be the only antibiotic available in uncertain
times when a doctor is not available. Stock Fish Mox, but do not use it under ordinary circumstances, and do not stock it without consulting a doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

Learn the proper dose for your bodyweight before you ever need it and discuss your family's history of allergies! This is the value a medical professional can provide.

#4: Anti-diarrheal.
An important prepper medicine to stock is an over the counter anti-diarrheal. It doesn't matter whether you stock a brand name or a generic:

ImodiumŪ A-D or other anti-diarrheal to controls symptoms of diarrhea. Here is more about the case for stocking Imodium.
Kirkland Anti-diarrheal includes the active ingredient (Loperamide HCI 2 mg.)but at a much lower cost.

#5: Antihistamine allergy medicine (e.g., Benadryl)
Benadryl is diphenhydramine, the brand name of antihistamine allergy medicine. Since 1946 Benadryl has been providing temporary relief of seasonal and perennial allergy symptoms. Most notably, taking an antihistamine such as diphenhydramine (Benadryl) provides a measure of relief against bee stings.

#6: Aspirin (painkiller).
Much more than a painkiller, you'll find many reasons to include aspirin in your preps. For your bugout bag, pack aspirin in small packets, pictured immediate left.

#7: Boiron Oscillococcinum (Homeopathic flu remedy).
Boiron Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic product for Flu-like Symptoms.
Boiron Oscillococcinum, temporarily relieves flu-like symptoms such as
body aches, headache, fever, chills and fatigue.

#8: Colloidal Silver (natural antibiotic).
A powerful anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral, Colloidal Silver soothes a number of skin ailments, including soothing burns, minimize scarring, relieving herpes sores, and medicating boils, ringworm or warts!

Colloidal Silver is a mineral with wildly debated medical claims, but preppers agree it is a necessary item in the medicine cabinet. According to the manufacturer of Ultra Pure Colloidal Silver Natures Best Antibiotic, "There is no known disease causing organism that can live in the presence of even minute traces of Colloidal Silver. Colloidal Silver is used to treat a wide range of diseases and infections, both internally and externally."

#9: Digestive enzymes (Enzyme supplement, digestive aid).
Your stomach won't be quite the same after your diet changes. Many a backpacker has overdosed on freeze dried food and can testify to this. Digestive enzymes will help restore your body's proper balance.

#10: Frankincense (natural immune booster).
Frankincense (Boswellia serrata) reduces inflammation, helps fight infection and boost immunity among so many uses.

#11 Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex (treats parasites).
During a survival situation, you may be hunting and unable to provide a stable source of fresh drinking water. Have a plan to clear parasites out of the body with Fresh Green Black Walnut Wormwood Complex. This powerful extract, derived from the hulls of green black walnuts, is a centuries old herbal tonic to promote healthy microbial activity. Fresh green black walnut wormwood complex comes highly recommended by The Patriot Nurse in a survival situation for those who plan on hunting.

#12: Goldenseal (immune support).
Popular as antifungal and antibacterial, Goldenseal root promotes a healthy immune system. Goldenseal, also called Indian turmeric or "ginseng's little brother" by the Cherokee, has potent medicinal properties. It can kill germs on contact particularly in mucus membranes and not get absorbed in the blood stream, which can be advantageous for many, but can make blood pressure fluctuate, so check with your health care practitioner. It's also used as a digestive aid and studies are underway for using goldenseal to support healing of cancer.

#13: Neem Oil.
Neem oil reduces skin inflammation and helps remedy skin disorders, including acne, eczema and psoriasis. Commonly also used as an antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial, you'll find neem oil is also an antiparasitic; and neem oil is also used as an organic pesticide!

#14: Oregano Oil (an antiflammatory and more).
Packed with protection against bed bugs, fleas, lice, even mosquitoes, and tape worm!Oregano oil is also effective against vaginal infections, cold and flu, and a host of other homeopathic uses.

#15: Potassium Iodide Capsules (radiation emergency).
Potassium Iodide is a prepper medicine often overlooked and yet essential to take if radiation is imminent and may be limited or unavailable when health officials notify the public of exposure and urgency. Potassium Iodide capsules,
can help maintain a high level of beneficial iodides in the thyroid gland. Potassium Iodide supports the body's normal detoxification processes, including the removal of heavy metals, though it's not a cure for radiation sickness.

#16: Stool softener (constipation relief).
You'll be eating foods you're not used to eating, so consider that bowel movements may fluctuate more often. Miralax, is a stool softener to
help you get through eating too much freeze dried food.

#17: SaltStick caps Plus (hydration).
Avoid cramping during and after long distance and high elevation hikes. Trusted by marathon runners, SaltStick buffered electrolyte salts plus caffeine and sodium will give preppers on the move an edge. In addition to
reducing muscle cramping, these totally vegetarian capsules reduce heat stress maintain electrolyte levels and increase energy levels. It's a great bugout-bag item or for hunting.

#18: Tea Tree oil (external use only).
Tea Tree Essential Oilis best known as a very powerful immune stimulant. It's a powerful anti-fungal and disinfectant for topical use only. It can help to
fight all three categories of infectious organisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses), and there is evidence that Tea Tree Oil massages prior to an operation may help to fortify the body and reduce post-operative shock. Tea Tree Oil can help with colds, measles, sinusitis and viral infections.

Tea tree oil is very penetrating oil to help cure infections and boils, and even seep through toenails. It's great for athletes foot! Learn more about tea tree oil benefits.

Do NOT ingest tea tree oil! You may wind up in the hospital. Some apply tea
tree oil sparingly to sores in the mouth and on lips, but this is a deadly
concoction to some and not worth the risk for others.

#19: Thieves Oil (pandemics).

Ebola prevention? Possibly, however, the U.S. Federal Drug Administration has
been very careful in preventing Thieves Oil manufacturers, like Young Living from marketing their product as a drug to prevent Ebola and has sent them a severe warning letter. Such products are not intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease and should not be marketed as such, according to the FDA. It is illegal to market this product as an anti-viral for any purpose.

Plague prevention: There is evidence that Thieves Oil keeps plague at bay!
During the 15th-century plague, thieves used an oil of cloves, rosemary, and
other aromatics to protect themselves while robbing plague victims.

#20: Topical Anesthetic Gel - Hurricaine (tooth pain relief).
Nothing bites worse than tooth pain! Hurricaine topic gel, pictured right, will
anesthetize muscle tissue to provide temporary relief in discomfort in teeth and gums. This medication will be a godsend for the day when a dentist is not available. In the old days, the agony of dental pain was among the top causes of suicide.
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Nice to see some awareness for prepping is still ongoing here. I've recently done a turnover for fresh stock after shifting home. During a turnover of stores, you will notice that quite a bit of old stuff needs to be thrown out due to expiry and there is cost involved in replacement. I've also streamlined the variety into more "user friendly" consumables (especially for canned food) so as to minimize wastage.

The most important prepping is done in the mind. One of which is that one has to be prepared mentally/emotionally, and know when and where to leave. If leaving is not an option, then one must know in advance who to approach, when to communicate the plans and to formalize the prep-group.
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