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Old 29-06-2008, 09:43 PM
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Default Gold Manipulations

many articles have been written on gold manipulations. quite a many times when gold prices behave strangely, one would wonder if it had been manipulations behind the scenes. one difficult thing about investing in gold is unlike other forms of investments such as stocks, the government is against high gold prices. this poses difficulties for gold investors. investors in gold can only hope somehow the manipulations will be eliminated.

there is an article written by jim willie on quite a shocking explanation why the precious metals had a deep correction in mar.

anyone has any thoughts on gold manipulations and the article?


The Bear Stearns kill job engineered by JPMorgan has numerous stories behind the public face story told. Some of my views have been shared. Here is more. Bear Stearns did not participate in the LongTerm Capital Mgmt emergency bailout rescue in 1998. They were punished ten years later. Furthermore, when the USFed opened the Bear Stearns books in March, they found a giant position that was short the USDollar. They found a giant position that was betting on a higher gold price. So Bear Stearns was killed, with the liquidation of their gold position responsible for a huge gold price drop, aided by the cover of their US$ position. See the mid-March gold price and US$ action. The Wall Street firms took notice of the message. If they bet against the US$ and bet in favor of gold, they would not have any further access to the USFed discount window or lending facilities.

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