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View Poll Results: Create worldwide day for precious metal
1st to 7th jan(tue to mon) as silver week(physical metal) 3 100.00%
1st day of every month as silver day(physical metal) 2 66.67%
1st to 7th jan(tue to mon) as precious metal week(physical metal) 0 0%
1st day of every month as precious metal day(physical metal) 0 0%
Others(please write comments in quotes or reply) 0 0%
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Old 30-11-2012, 01:50 AM
solidsilver solidsilver is offline
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Default Silver Week(precious metals week)

Hi All GCA members,

Shall we fix every 1st to 7th jan( next year is tue to mon) as silver week or precious metal week, in reminder to ourselves and each to inform 10 people unaware of silver or precious metal in educating them.

Also, every 1st of every month as silver day or previous metal day. Every one to try educate 2 new people or people they know about precious

Reason is to fight manipulation. Create awareness about fiat currencies, inflation, importance of pegging silver and gold to currencies...

Can organize gatherings, seminars and talks also

Please kindly participate to comment...


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Old 30-11-2012, 11:20 AM
pika's Avatar
pika pika is offline
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It's good to kick start with some "PM Day/Week" but I doubt this will sink in to most people. This passion to spread the message about PM will come naturally to those who get this Aha! Eureka! Moment of Truth discovery with a disdain of the modern fractional reserve banking system.

Perhaps we can start with some public education campaign, e.g. give talks to undergrads in polytechnics/universities via student investment clubs, community centres for the older folks, etc.

It will be good if we can assemble a group who is committed to this mission of public education. We need people with experience in organising public talks (logistics, presentation slides, marketing, etc), volunteer speakers who preferably come from a banking/investment background, and sponsorships to finance the operations (dealers may have a stake in this aspect but we must not be perceived by the public to be doing talks for their benefits). Maybe there are newer means of delivering talks that are effective too e.g. webcasting? I'm not sure but PM bugs who are IT experts can advise on how we may leverage on technology to be more cost-effective.

A single event will not do. This has to be an ongoing, regular outreach program if we were to see the fruits of our labour. See this as a way of giving back to society by showing the uninformed the truth and helping the ignorant to avoid being victimised by unscrupulous agents and businesses.

We need serious people for a serious cause.
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Old 01-12-2012, 01:07 PM
Pewter Pewter is offline
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Hi pika, I'm still studying at a local university, and what I see is that most students do not any form of financial planning, let alone invest in precious metals. The common mentality is to get a job and salary, then pay off student tuition debt first. Alternatively, borrow more money to further studies overseas for MBA. Financial planning is when you have spare cash in your bank account.

On a sidenote, some brokerage firms do sponsor a few investment events. However, they tend to focus on stock trading. If people buy physical holdings, these brokerage firms won't earn any commission.
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